Berlin alt

Berlin all-in:

Your essential tour for a comprehensive, chronological understanding of Germany’s capital city.

Third Reich:

For twelve tumultuous years of the ‘one thousand’ to which Adolf Hitler aspired, Berlin was the capital city of the Third Reich.

Cold War:

From shortly after World War Two up until 1990, Berlin was the focal point of the Cold War.

Jewish Berlin:

For hundreds of years before the Nazis and their genocide of the European Jews, and for decades thereafter, Berlin has boasted a remarkably liberal and dynamic Jewish population which today calls itself the fastest-growing in the world outside Israel.


A short journey from Berlin will bring us to the site of the concentration camp Sachsenhausen, established by the National Socialist dictatorship in 1936.

Turkish Berlin

What is it like to live in modern-day Berlin as a descendant of the ‘guest worker’ generation of Turkish migrants who came to the capital during the Cold War to assist its reconstruction? What does it mean to be a faithful Muslim in Berlin today, and how does this diasporic community navigate its dual identity?

Weimar Berlin:

The Weimar era (1918-33) in Berlin was a time and place like no other. For many, especially fans of Cabaret or Babylon Berlin, a mere mention of the city’s roaring twenties calls to mind glamour, artistic and sexual freedoms, a pioneering LGBT movement, and astonishing, even nihilistic decadence.

LGBTIQ Berlin:

Of all the Berlin tours I offer, this is one very close to my heart, since the city’s LGBTIQ+ community (and its unique history) was what brought me here.

Custom Tour:

Please feel welcome to contact me with a request for a custom tour, and I will happily tailor you a walk focusing on the theme of your choice.