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Gordon Quick, via Facebook

“We have worked with tour guides all over the globe and Finn is absolutely without a doubt the very best. If you want someone to do more than just point out the sights, Finn is who you want. He added so much color to our visit to Germany it made us want to come back, even after spending 4 full days in Berlin. We will be scheduling a return trip soon!”

Stewart Michael Pence, via Facebook

Finn was incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about Berlin history! I don’t think there’s anything I can say that another review hasn’t stated, so let me be clear: Finn is an amazing tour guide, and I have no reservations recommending a tour with him. I learned an incredible amount about the city, and I’m not even a tourist; I live here!

Elaine Guy, via Facebook

Finn just knows so much about Berlin and its history. He’s full of fascinating facts and insights with which he brings the story of the city and its people to life. Don’t miss the chance to have a tour with him!

Eliza Louis, via Facebook

I am so stoked to have come across Finn’s FB page. He took my TopDeck tour group on a Third Reich tour around Berlin and it was easily the highlight of my time in the city. He even had an amazing recommendation for a coffee after – and as an Aussie missing home I can’t tell you how welcome that was. If I’m back in Berlin I will 100% do another tour.

Yuan Wang, via Facebook

Finn was so knowledgeable and he was also a great speaker. The tour had been amazing and I learned so much about Berlin. Finn also shared a ton of fun anecdotes about German history in Berlin. Highly recommend it!!

Dakota Winter, via Facebook

Amazing experience, would recommend for anyone in Berlin to go try out! Very knowledgeable about everything and is packed full of information!

Candice Hill, via Facebook

The best tour ever!!!! So knowledgeable. So dynamic! A must if you want to learn about Berlin!!!

Eden Oram-Killas, via Facebook

Finn provides an excellent narrative to some complicated histories and makes it fun and engaging! My class took a tour with him and loved it! Great tour guide and provides an interesting and interacting experience!

Nia Heledd George, via Facebook

This was my second tour with Finn and he again taught me so much about Berlin’s History! Me and my family really enjoyed our time with Finn and we would highly recommend everyone to take a Tour with him! Thank you Finn/ Diolch

Michael Milano, via Facebook

I took a tour with Finn in September and it was awesome. One of the highlights of my time in Berlin. I would recommend anyone take a Finn Ballard tour.

Punita Boardman, via Facebook

“I did a Queer Berlin walking tour with Finn and found his knowledge, passion and insight amazing. We saw Christopher Isherwood’s home and other interesting spaces. Finn had lots of fascinating detail about the various times pre and post War which really helped make sense of Berlin.”

Jennifer Staude, via Facebook

“This was my second tour with Finn and I was blown away for a second time by his knowledge, warmth and humour! He very kindly arranged a tailored tour for myself, dad and sister and was very accommodating of Dad having a bit of a back injury. Finn has some sort or freakish encyclopaedic knowledge which is mixed beautifully with kindness and fun! 100% recommend taking a tour with Finn, I’ll certainly be back!”

Lowell Kane, Purdue University

“Finn has been our tour guide of choice for Study Abroad trips visiting Berlin over the past few years. His ability to engage our college students is beyond compare. He leads our groups through the city as well as more challenging spaces like Sachsenhausen with thoughtful narratives, personal reflections, accounts of key historical moments and figures, and attention to the major themes of our study abroad program. Finn is absolutely the best guide around and we are proud to work with him and recommend him enthusiastically.”

Cassy Mead, via Facebook

Finn is unbelievably nice and well read! I was absolutely stunned by his knowledge and memory! I can only recommend him! It was a pleasure to attend the “Remarkable Women” tour through Berlin. I learned a whole lot!”

Ronja Yeasayer, via Facebook

“What an amazing experience to go on this wonder back in time through the streets of Berlin. To learn about some of the people who once occupied these gorgeous buildings, the people who suffered, the people who stood up for what they believed. Finn is a walking book of history who taught us so much in a short day. We finished off our tour strolling through a wonderful local farmers market where he introduced us to the most amazing German Cheese Toast ever! Thank you so much for filling our minds with so much history Finn.”

Professor Ken Moffat, Ryerson University

“Finn’s tours are based on rigorous research, extremely interesting, and Finn is personable and pleasant. He has much historical information at his fingertips to answer your questions along the way.”

Rodrigo Pablo, via Facebook

“The most comprehensive and enjoyable tours I have ever experienced. I can’t recommend Finn highly enough.”

Lee Michaeli Baker, via Facebook

I can safely say Finn saved my holiday! I came to Berlin for research and he helped provide everything I needed, and far, far more information than I thought available. He was able to fit us in at very short notice and adapt to our needs perfectly with stunning knowledge, and a sense of humour. He also wasn’t kidding when he said he knew the best ice cream parlour in Berlin!!! Thank you, Finn. It was a true pleasure.”

Candace Carroll, New York City:

“Finn Ballard is an amazing tour guide!! I learned so much from him in just one day in Berlin. He is smart, funny, informed. He balances history perfectly with humor and your goals for the day. In advance of your visit, he is happy to answer one off questions and recommendations. Going above and beyond, Finn was able to recommend a guide for us in Vienna only a few days in advance. We love Finn! #finnforever #finnballardtours”

Janice McGregor, Kansas State University:

“I was in Berlin from May-July 2015 with students from the US. At the end of May, my students and I participated in a wonderful tour of Berlin with Finn. He was professional, kind and flexible, creating a tour that linked elements of Nazi and Cold War Berlin. An academic himself, Finn engaged the students intellectually in all aspects of the tour – he had their full attention. They looked so proud and validated when they were able to provide answers to his questions or participate in discussions. The tour was a huge highlight for them – they talked about it for the remainder of our time in Germany. Later in the summer, I also participated in Finn’s Saturday Queer Tour. Yet another informative and engaging tour! Finn’s honest intellectual engagement is refreshing and not something easily found in the tourism scene. Finn, you are a gem!”

Leslie Fields, USA:

“It is unfortunate that unless you are a history buff and search out Germany and its remarkable history, all most US citizens know or at least associate Berlin with is what is taught in our history classes at school which only scratches the surface.  Finn showed us a whole different side. Thank you for showing us the true Berlin.”

Linda Beazley, New Zealand:

“Finn was an absolute winner . Best guide I have ever had and I’ve had a lot. Intelligent , responsive. He gave me exactly the tour I wanted. Thank you. It made my trip to Berlin. ”

Christine Rose, Berlin:

“Finn gave the best tour I’ve ever had of any city in the world! He pours his heart (and mind) into his work and ventures far beyond the typical sites, facts, and topics other tours cover. He shows you many “Berlins.” One leaves his tour with a sense of the rich complexity that makes the city unlike any other. His talent for finding one particular story to make an entire era come alive is phenomenal. He is witty, charming, and quirky; at the same time, he is a true intellectual and cultural historian who at any point you wish will delve deep into thoughtful and informed conversation about the tragic aspects of the city’s history. He’s a rare find.”

Eve MacLaverty, Scotland:

“I love walking tours and go on as many as I can. Finn is, without a doubt, the best tour guide I’ve had the pleasure to listen to. He has such an in-depth knowledge of the city and a charismatic and insightful way of engaging his tour groups and making them see the city around them differently. I had to go back to see his tour again and I know I’m not the only one! Can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Lisa Conway, Toronto:

Finn geared the tour to what my husband, my son and I wanted to see and explained everything really well. He also took us to places we would never have found on our own. We finished off the tour at a Street Food Market, which was one of the highlights of our trip. I will happily recommend him to anyone I know who is going to Berlin.”

Necia Chronister, Kansas State University:

“Finn is a fantastic tour guide. His tours are intellectually informed and engaging. He’s a great storyteller. In 2012, I took a group of college students to Berlin and employed Finn to give us a tour of Cold War architecture. He developed a walking tour especially for our group that was fun and informative. My students were enthralled the entire time and talked about his tour for weeks after. It was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. Since then, I have recommended Finn to my colleagues when they have taken students to Berlin and have only heard positive things from them as well.”

Jared Mitchell, Toronto:

“I’ve been on numerous Finn Ballard walking tours and they’re really worth while. Finn’s knowledge, thoroughness and kind consideration of his guests makes his tours the best way to see Berlin.”

Jennifer Gallagher, Berlin:

“Finn is extremely knowledgeable, imparting information from historical, social, cultural in a compelling mix. I thoroughly recommend going on one (or more) of his tours.”

Geoffrey Northcote, Toronto:

“I had the pleasure of taking a tour of Berlin with Finn in the summer of 2013. Finn took the time to ask us what our interests were, and our timetable, and then created a custom tour to meet our request. Finn has an encyclopedic knowledge of Berlin, from both a historic and contemporary perspective, and genuine enthusiasm for what he does. Looking forward to more tours when we visit this summer!”

Florian Prittwitz-Schloegl, Munich:

“What can I say? The most charming, knowledgeable and fun guide in Berlin :-)”

Angie Tsaros, Berlin:

“I’ve been living in Berlin for a couple of years now and have taken 2 of Finn’s tours. As other reviews state he knows pretty much anything you can think of, but what makes his tours stand out for me (and what makes me go back somewhat regularly) is that there will always be some new information. Other tours might be the same over the years, but here you’ll get a different focus, also depending on the particular interests of a group – and an endless supply of trivia, fun facts, background, and other stories that make these tours addictive and enjoyable, and this makes it easy for me to not only recommend them to all my friends who visit,but to anyone reading this – you really shouldnt miss a tour with Finn!”

Rhys Ernst, Los Angeles:

“This was a highlight of my trip to Berlin– would recommend to anyone spending time in the city.”

Lauren Lahey, Baltimore:

“Finn is top notch when it comes to giving a grand and exciting tour of Berlin. You’ll find yourself learning more about history than you ever expected. There are so many places to go and most of which you wouldn’t even know if Finn hadn’t told you! You’d be doing yourself a favor hiring Finn to guide you through your adventures in Germany.”

Susan Coleman, London:

“We love Finn! We met in Berlin when Finn led a walking tour. We enjoyed it so much we joined another of his tours before we returned home. His guiding inspired me to read various amazing books he mentioned on the tour too. I have recommended Finn to many and will be making a return visit very soon. So if you want to discover Berlin in the best way possible, Finn is your man! X”

Paul King, London:

“Anyone visiting Berlin should make this a must do! Absolutely brilliant!”

Kelley Dunk, Queensland:

“While travelling around the world, we stopped in Berlin. Our first impressions of Berlin were shall I say apprehensive. We booked into a walking tour, which happened to be hosted by Finn on the first day. This tour around the city proper, totally changed our view. Finn was extreamly knowledgeable on the history of the city and showed us some non-touristy things as well. He also told us about the markets, which we visited and loved. We booked another two tours with Finn as our guide and we were very impressed with his local and historical knowledge. Finn took extra time to show us all of Berlin and the quirky things that make a city memorable. Thanks to Finn, our opinion of this historical laden city has changed, one that I would love to go back to.”

Sara Luly, Kansas State University:

“While in Berlin with a group of my undergraduate students, we had the pleasure of having Finn as our tour guide one evening. Finn developed a tour for my undergraduate group that focused on the history of the Berlin wall and East Berlin. The students raved about the experience. From the perspective of the professor I can say that Finn was incredibly professional, knowledgeable and personable. His talk was engaging and he took plenty of time to answer my students’ questions. My students enjoyed the tour so much that they requested a second tour by Finn later in our trip. I have recommended him to all of my colleagues!”

Jennifer Macko, Toronto:

“Finn is an excellent tour guide. I’ve been on many tours in my various travels, but Finn stands out in my mind as one of the nicest, most knowledgeable, and more personable guides I’ve ever had. Highly recommended!”

Sophie Gamwell, Oxford:

“His tour was interesting, engaging, informative and full of quirky facts. He kept us entertained, and was even conscious of seeking places I could sit down since I was having problems with my back the day we went on our tour. Lovely guy with a very warm smile.”

Pete Titshall, London:

“Finn is an amazingly gifted tour guide. The interest he has in his subjects certainly comes out in his tours. If you go to Berlin make sure you put at least one of his tours on your itinerary.”


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