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Movie Recommendation: The Invisibles

I would like to recommend the movie, ‘The Invisibles’ by Claus Raefle from 2017. It’s a part documentary, part dramatisation film that depicts the fates of some of the approximately 7000 Jewish Germans who went into hiding in Berlin during WWII. Footage of interviews with four of the survivors is intercut with dramatic re-enactments to tell a remarkable story of courage and tenacity.

‘Look Who’s Back’, 2015

I watched ‘Er Ist Wieder Da’ (‘Look Who’s Back’, 2015, based on the bestselling novel by Timur Vernes) expecting an innovative, controversial comedy with very questionable taste indeed – but essentially a gimmick. Instead I found an extremely astute, insightful, cutting satire with moments of hilarity and horror, and an absolute renunciation of political complacency. A fantastic performance by Oliver Masucci and a multifaceted movie with a resonant message. Definitely recommended!