By popular demand, and especially for those with limited time for touring in Berlin, I’m pleased to launch a new tour as of 2019: a concise (and packed!) tour of the city’s highlights, with a strong focus on 20th-century history. In just three hours, we will:

  • walk through the Brandenburg Gate, closed for 28 years of the Cold War
  • pass by a statue riddled with bullet holes left over from the Battle for Berlin
  • stand exactly on the spot whereupon President Reagan called upon Mister Gorbachev to ‘Tear down this Wall!’
  • see where the Communist revolutionary Karl Liebknecht, comrade of Rosa Luxemburg, called for an end to the Great War; where Kaiser Wilhelm II met Buffalo Bill; where Adolf Hitler breakfasted; and where Annie Oakley nearly changed history
  • visit the site where Otto von Bismarck and fellow European statesmen carved up the continent of Africa for themselves during the ‘Congo Conference’ of 1885
  • stand in the long shadow cast by the torchlit procession to ‘celebrate’ Hitler’s 1933 inauguration
  • visit a memorial to the would-be assassin who would have changed history if his 1939 time bomb had only met its target
  • stroll across the now utterly unrecognizable ‘death strip’ at the once-desolate Potsdamer Platz, purview only of border guards for three decades
  • see where the legendary Wertheim department store, once the grandest in the world, and the cafe-bar Moka Efti as featured in ‘Babylon Berlin’, once stood
  • visit the gargantuan, still-intact Reich Aviation Ministry built for Hermann Goering in 1935
  • see where Hitler’s Chancellery once stood, and walk over the roof of the Führerbunker where Hitler spent his last desperate days
  • stand at the site of the Gestapo and SS Headquarters
  • put our hands upon one of the last remaining stretches of the Berlin Wall and walk through what was the gateway between East and West for decades: Checkpoint Charlie

All of this in three hours? It can be done!