Eichmann Trial for Holocaust Crimes 1961

This week in history: In 1962, Adolf Eichmann was executed in Israel. One of the central architects of the ‘Final Solution’, in his capacity as head of the ‘Office of Jewish Affairs’ Eichmann would be directly responsible for the deportation and death of millions of European Jews. With the assistance of Bishop Alois Hudal and Read more about Eichmann Trial for Holocaust Crimes 1961[…]

Yellow Star

On this day in 1942, until Liberation in 1944, it became obligatory for Jews in Nazi-occupied France to wear the notorious ‘yellow star’. Particular insignia would also become mandatory for Jews in Poland (1939); Austria, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania (1941); Belgium, Bulgaria, Holland, Luxembourg (1942), Hungary and Yugoslavia (1944).