Movie Recommendation: The Cakemaker

I heartily recommend the 2017 Berlin-Jerusalem co-production ‘The Cakemaker’ (Ophir Raul Grazier). Without wanting to give away too much, it’s a sensuous powerful love story beyond homosexuality and heterosexuality, beyond national, ethnic and religious borders, which is simply captivating. With amazing performances by Sarah Adler, Tim Kalkhof and my favourite, Zohar Strauss (also seen in Read more about Movie Recommendation: The Cakemaker[…]

Introducing: Karlrobert Kreiten

This month, let’s meet Karlrobert Kreiten, a German-born pianist who held Dutch citizenship. Considered one of the most promising young musicians in Europe in the 1930s, Kreiten made his radio debut at the age of eleven, and would go on to study in Vienna and at the Stern Conservatory (today incorporated into the Berlin University Read more about Introducing: Karlrobert Kreiten[…]

Book Recommendation: Stasiland

If you’ve taken a Cold War tour with me, you’ll already have heard this recommendation, but it’s worth repeating that Anna Funder’s ‘Stasiland’ is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the complex and recent history of espionage, mistrust and betrayal in this city. Funder, an Australian journalist based in Berlin and Leipzig in the mid-90s, Read more about Book Recommendation: Stasiland[…]

Introducing: Hans Litten

This month’s hero is the lawyer Hans Litten, who represented political dissenters during the Nazi dictatorship. In 1931, Litten subpoeanaed Adolf Hitler as a witness in a trial of a group of right-wing thugs. For three hours, Litten rigorously questioned Hitler on the legality of the National Socialist Party and on its violent practices, leaving Read more about Introducing: Hans Litten[…]

Book Recommendation: Travellers in the Third Reich

This month’s book is the lengthy but utterly gripping “Travellers in the Third Reich” (2017) by Julia Boyd, a chronicle of experiences of visitors (including Charlie Chaplin and Lloyd George) to Nazi Germany. This marvellous read speaks for itself – I’ll say little more than that those of you who have travelled to Berlin to Read more about Book Recommendation: Travellers in the Third Reich[…]