About Finn

I grew up on the North-East coast of Ireland and attended the University of Warwick in England, where I studied literature and cinema and worked as a teacher of film theory and modern history. My doctoral studies on the influence of Germanic folklore upon film piqued my fascination with Berlin, and I emigrated in 2008, completing my Ph.D. here shortly thereafter. I live in my very favourite of Berlin's boroughs, Schöneberg, and continue to learn more about this unique city each day. I have been guiding tours through Berlin and its surroundings since 2009; I also work as a journalist and as a historical advisor for cinematic and televisual productions (most recently for the Golden Globe-winning show 'Transparent'). Additionally I teach Gender Studies and Media Studies at the Council on International Educational Exchange, an English-speaking institute in Berlin. It's a delight to share this city with its visitors and I hope that I can help you make the very most of your trip!


How do we get in touch?

You can contact me via email on finn@finn-ballard-tours.com and I'll get back to you promptly.


What is unique about your tours?

After several years' living and guiding in Berlin, immersing myself in the city and studying its history both inside and outside of an academic context, I can help you to make the very best of every minute you spend here. Particularly if you choose to take one of the 'Extended' tours, you're guaranteed to see more with me.


How long do the tours last?

The length of the tours is entirely flexible in accordance with your wishes! Of the standard tours, 'Berlin All-in' lasts five hours (and can be broken into two segments for touring over two days). The 'Essential' Third Reich, Cold War, Jewish Berlin, Weimar Berlin, and LGBTIQ Berlin tours each take three hours. Potsdam and Sachsenhausen are six-hour tours including travel time to and from Berlin. Leipzig, Dresden and Wittenberg are all-day tours including travel to and from Berlin (if applicable - I can also meet you in those cities, should you prefer, or leave you at your hotel if you will go on to stay there). The 'Extended' and Custom tours can last for a day, or indeed several... So far the winner has been 24 hours' touring over a multi-day period, but you are welcome to set a new record!


How much do the tours cost?

The pricing of tours is dependent upon your requirements; please contact me for further details and to request a quotation.


How will we travel?

In most cases, we will travel on foot and using Berlin's renowned public transportation network. However, should you prefer, we can also tour on bike or with a chauffeur and private car.


Where will we meet?

We can start and end our tours at wherever is most convenient for you - at your accommodation, in the city centre, or indeed at the airport should you be visiting only on a layover.